The Principles of Magic 5 Day Challenge

Discover 11 principles of magic that allow you to achieve consistent results in your magical practice.

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Do you struggle to get consistent results with your magical practice?

You've tried spell books, but the spells don't seem to work.

You've looked into various traditions and systems, but the explanations they share are full of esoteric jargon that doesn't make sense.

You've read lots of magic books, but you haven't done anything with what you've read.

You've practiced magic, but you know there's something missing from what you practice.

Let me show a different approach to magic...

with the principles of magic.

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Each Day in this Challenge...

 - We'll send you an in-depth video that shows you how the principles of magic work.

- You'll get a magic assessment each day that shows you how to implement the principles of magic and get consistent results.

- You'll get bonus resources that show you why personalizing your magic makes your magic more effective.

In the 5 day Mini-Course, you'll learn how to apply the principles of magic to your magical practice, so that you understand how magic works and get consistent results!

I'm Taylor Ellwood, Mad Scientist and Magical Experimenter, and I'll be your guide through the challenge.


Yes, I'm in! (It's Free)

You worry that'll you practice magic the wrong way, but what you've been taught doesn't feel right or make sense.

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