The Principles of Magic 5 Day Class

Discover 11 principles of magic that show you how to achieve consistent results in your magical practice.

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Do you struggle to get consistent results with your magical practice?

You've tried spell books, but the spells don't seem to work.

You've looked into various traditions and systems, but the explanations are full of esoteric jargon that doesn't make sense.

You've read lots of magic books, but you haven't done anything with what you've read.

You've practiced magic, but you worry about getting it right.

Let me show a different approach to magic...

with the principles of magic.

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Each Day in this Class...

 - We'll send you an in-depth video that shows you how the principles of magic work.

- You'll get exercises that show you how to implement the principles of magic and get consistent results. I'll provide commentary on your answers.

- You'll get bonus resources that show you why personalizing your magic can make you a better magician.

In this 5 day class, you'll learn how to apply the principles of magic to your magical practice, so that you understand how magic works and get consistent results!

I'm Taylor Ellwood, Mad Scientist and Magical Experimenter, and I'll be your guide through the challenge.


Yes, I'm in! (It's Free)

You worry that'll you practice magic the wrong way, but what you've been taught doesn't feel right or make sense.

What to expect in the Principles of Magic...

  • In Day 1, you’ll learn why personalizing your magic can get you consistent results.
  • In Day 2, you’ll learn why magicians don’t personalize their magic and how the prescriptive approaches to magic stops you from getting consistent results.
  • In Day 3, you'll do a deep dive into why you aren't getting consistent results with your magical practice.
  • In Day 4, you’ll learn why the models of magic actually box you in and how that can actually keep you from getting consistent results in your magical practice.
  • In Day 5, you’ll dive into the 11 principles of magic and discover why knowing these principles helps you understand how magic works and how to get consistent results.
  • Each day you’ll get exercises and bonus materials that help you apply what you’ve learned to your magical practice so you can start getting consistent results. I will also provide commentary on your exercises.
Yes, I'm in ! (It's Free)

When I started practicing magic, one of the problems I encountered was the esoteric language used to describe magic and how it works. The explanations were so convoluted that I came away feeling frustrated. I kept asking myself, "Shouldn't magic be easier to learn?"

I wanted to know how magic works, because I wanted to get consistent results.

But most of the material that is available on magic doesn't do a good job of explaining how magic works or how to get consistent results.

For years I continued to explore various magical traditions and practices and over time, and through hard earned experience, I became a better magician...

But I never stopped wondering if there was an easier way to explain how magic works and how to get consistent results.

Then one day I had a eureka moment. I was creating a magical technique and as I did some research, I saw specific principles show up in multiple magical traditions and systems. 

There are 11 principles of magic, and when you know what those principles are, then you also learn how magic works and how to get consistent results.

You ever feel like Magic is more complicated than it needs to be...

  • After the challenge is over there is an implementation webinar to help you implement what you've learned and show you the next steps for your magical journey.
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